Membership requirements

  • Being an active or retired firefighter;
  • Driving a Harley Davidson;
  • Pay a one-time U.S. contribution;
  • Pay an annual fee within the incorporated chapter;
  • Investing in the shares of The Wind and Fire M.C.

Each new member will be awarded the Chapter No. as a patch after two years of probation during which the member will demonstrate his or her state of mind and commitments. The patches provided remain the property of the MC.

The M.C. can remove the patch bearing the No 168 from the chapter if:
  • The member is in complete contradiction with the MC's philosophy;
  • The member's behaviour is in violation of his or her rules;

As a result, the member will no longer be recognized as such on Swiss territory. Any application for membership must be made by e-mail to the President of the Wind – Fire MC Switzerland (see contact page).

Here you have just read our humble and young history, know that beyond the passion and brotherhood that unites us, Wind -Fire we are, Firefighters we will stay.